Santos required an online learning module for Code of Conduct training in order to reach a population of over 4100 employees and over 5000 contractors. We also had to enable our remote field employees and international locations such as Vietnam, Singapore and Jakarta were able to access the training. We needed it to be accessible from many sites, at any time of the day and able to provide accurate and reliable recording of completion.

COC1The program has successfully delivered: accessible online code of conduct training and education, access by remote and office based employees, 24/7, accurate and reliable reporting of completion and the ability to update regularly according to legislative and legal changes.  The duration of the training was under 30 minutes. The program was extremely cost effective and exceeded all expectations of cost, budget and training time. The alternative would have involved face to face training across 12 physical locations and would have required 7 – 8 dedicated trainers; manual data entry of attendance and rollout well in excess of 3 months.

With 4500 employees and 5000 contractors the cost of the module equated to less than $1 per person to complete – very cost effective!! It exceeded budget targets with original costings for face to face delivery costed at over $450,000 which did not include contractors.

Participant Feedback

  • “Really interesting module, contemporary with some great workplace scenarios”
  • “Love the ability to be able to report on my team and their completion of the module”
  • “I found the module easy to complete and had some really good workplace examples. I liked that I could go back into it and not have to complete it in one sitting”.


We are very happy to announce our eLearning development partnership with Santos has been recognised with 2X LearnX Impact Platinum awards.

The Platinum Awards are (click the link to learn about the other award)

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