Tips When Using Articulate Storyline 360 Templates

04 May 2017 1:00 pm
At Online

Facilitator: Matt Guyan, Solutions Designer, B Online Learning


We’ll look at the new Storyline 360 slide templates that are part of the Content Library in your Articulate 360 subscription. We’ll discuss matching your content to the right template and how you can customise the templates to suit the needs of your project.

Matt has been working in the learning and development field for over 10 years and has experience as a classroom facilitator, workplace assessor and instructional designer (for e-learning and classroom environments). His most recent experience is delivering the Articulate Certified Training Program and B Online Learning’s Master eLearning Course. He has also designed and developed many courses using Articulate. He regularly contributes to the eLearning Heroes blog with his Super Hero status. Matt has a keen interest in a number of learning related areas including human cognitive architecture, motivation, performance support, informal learning and social media. He’s also completing a Master of Education in Educational Psychology at the University of NSW. Check out his popular blog