Enhance Digital Learning Experiences with Video

03 August 2017 1:00 pm
At Online
Categories: Webinar

Facilitator: Matt Blackstock, Creative Designer, B Online Learning


As designers there are different types of video we can use to capitalise on its learning power and provide an engaging experience. 

Matt has been involved in learning and development for the majority of his adult working life, and has been actively involved in online learning and development for the past 10 years. His experience covers sales training, compliance training, new product and process releases, security and customer service. Matt is a strong advocate of Articulate software, and has extensive experience with it as well. He strives for engagement in his designs, by using real life scenarios, working with specific learning outcomes, and positive end user experiences. Matt has also delivered and assessed under the Australian Qualifications Framework and is member of the Articulate eLearning Heroes community and soon to be an Articulate Certified Trainer.