Designing for Non – Designers

16 September 2016 1:00 pm
At Online
Categories: Webinar

Facilitator: Matt Blackstock, Creative Designer, B Online Learning


So you have found yourself in the role of an elearning or online learning creator/developer/builder, or even perhaps ‘designer’.

What’s that? You’ve never designed something in your life? You’ve fallen into the gig because management asked you to take it on? You’re a ‘geek’ at heart and love computers, but never had to make something ‘look pretty’. “Hey surely if it’s functional it doesn’t matter what it looks like?  That’s ok isn’t it? Anyone? Anyone?”
[Sound of chirping crickets]
‘Hmm…might be in a spot of bother here’
Stay calm.
You don’t need 3-5 years of study to be able to visually design something and make it look good.

Though of course if you have that time go for it!  You will develop an amazing skillset that is in demand; and if you already have that skillset, go forth and design my friend!

For the rest of us, there are some basic elements, principles, rules and methods, which will allow you to produce some top looking designs in your elearning.

Join us in this webinar, as we explore the tools of design, and most importantly, how to apply them!

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