Computer Collection

Create and Use Databases

microsoft-office elearningMicrosoft Access - Beginner/Intermediate Databases allow users to store and retrieve information quickly and easily. This course equips learners with  the skills and knowledge required to create simple two table relational databases with reports and queries.

Design and Produce Text Documents

Microsoft Word - Beginner/Intermediate This course covers the skills and knowledge required to design and develop predominantly text based documents using Microsoft Word. It takes learners through all stages of document production, starting with identifying the document's purpose, through to printing and storing the document. This course aligns to Design and Produce Text Documents - BSBITU303A

Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel - Advanced This course is for learners who want to strengthen their spreadsheet skills to complete business tasks and to produce complex documents. Based on Microsoft Excel, it applies to individuals employed in a range of work environments who require skills in the creation of complex spreadsheets to store and retrieve data. This course aligns to Develop and use complex spreadsheets - BSBITU402A

Communicate Electronically

Microsoft Outlook - Beginner Electronic communication and online collaboration are central to the way business is conducted today. This course covers the skills and knowledge required to send, receive and manage electronic mail (email), as well as to collaborate online using chat rooms, intranets and instant messaging. This course aligns to Communicate electronically - BSBITU203A

Create Electronic Presentations

Microsoft Powerpoint - Beginner/Intermediate Being able to design and produce electronic presentations is an important skill in the business world. This courses equips learners with the skills needed to build excellent presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. This course aligns to Create electronic presentations - BSBITU302B.

Design and Develop Complex Documents

Microsoft Word - Advanced This course looks at the skills and knowledge required to design and develop business documents using complex technical features of word processing software. Based on Microsoft Word, it applies to individuals who work in a range of business environments and are skilled in the creation of complex documents using word processing software. This course aligns to Design and develop complex text documents - BSBITU401A

Create and Use Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel - Beginner Spreadsheets are powerful tools that help people analyse information and make informed decisions. This course looks at how to correctly create and use spreadsheets and charts through the use of Microsoft Excel. This course aligns to Create and use spreadsheets - BSBITU202A