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Buy the Course Get the Source

What makes Rapid Course unique is that when you buy a course, the download includes the Articulate® source files that we as developers used to build the course. Yep, you read that right…the actual source files, so you can quickly customise the course for your needs!

Build Your Library in Minutes

Rapid Course empowers you to quickly build your content library without the hassle of building it yourself, or having courses that you can’t customise to fit your organisation’s unique needs.

Buy Once Own Forever

Gone are the days when you paid annually for courses based on the number of learners using them, or purchased bundles with courses you don’t need. With Rapid Course, you pay one flat fee for each course’s source files…all with no additional per learner or licensing fees…ever!

Easily Customised

Rapid Course is built on the award-winning Articulate® software, so customisations are quick and easy! Do it yourself, or we can do it for you.

Rapid Course is built by our Articulate Certified Partners, Yukon Learning. B Online Learning has contextualised the courses including adding professional Australian voice narration. For further information read our blog post that explores the reasons why Rapid Course would suit your requirements.