LearnX-AWARDLearnX Learning and Technology Impact Awards 2012 has announced that Coates Hire and B Online Learning have been awarded first place for their deployment of LearnFlex™ LMS.

"Since the deployment of LearnFlex™, Coates Hire has found that their knowledge base of products has increased significantly within a very short period of time. The ability for employees to actually see their own achievements has encouraged further participation. The uptake of eLearning within the blue collar segments of the Coates Hire workforce has been highly successful.” Steve Hogg, Group Manager for Learning and Development at Coates Hire".

Before implementing LearnFlex™, the training throughout Coates Hires, which consists of 250 branches nationally, was managed in small pockets and was very manually intensive. Each business unit would keep their own records and there was no collective reporting of activity and achievement. Each of the business unit records were captured and maintained in a range of facilities like databases and spreadsheets and the booking process was managed by Outlook and spreadsheets by individual trainers.

It became very clear that the Coates Hire training department needed a single source of truth for all learning and development.

In order to deliver a consistent message throughout training, an eLearning strategy was employed where self-paced online learning would give Coates Hire staff on-demand opportunities to build their knowledge base on key business sales and operational concepts, as well as extensive training on products and services. As training and education records were decentralised because each business unit had to collect their own records and store them, the LMS was seen as an effective and efficient way to store, retrieve and provide visibility to the business. In the overall HR strategy of the business, the LMS was planned to provide skills profiling and training needs gaps along with information to assist in their succession planning practices.

Once this eLearning strategy had been employed, Coates Hire developed a set of clear and concise requirements driven from the deliverables and used it to canvas LMS providers to identify a short list who could meet the majority of the provisions. These requirements included compliance considerations that stem from ongoing ISO900I accreditation, business improvement programs that had requirements to store license and qualifications details at an employee level, as well as improve the transparency of the training department.

Coates Hire then conducted extensive discovery workshops to drill down into the detail so they could see the systems function. Only two providers moved forward after this phase where further consideration was given to short comings in current functionality and future growth.

One of the many reasons why Coates Hire chose LearnFlex™ was because they found the branded user Interface clean and simple to use for the end user, where key menus could be customised and the language for each community defined, keeping the content relevant to the audience. The flexibility of LearnFlex™ allowed Coates Hire to ensure the consistent induction of their employees and also supported the instructor-led coaching. At the same time it provided the trainers with a way to administer their learning with booking processes that engaged the user directly from the application, requiring less work by the trainer and centralising to one system. Integration with other systems such as Oracle, SharePoint and Outlook was an important factor especially enabling Single Sign On for employees, again simplifying the process.

Top Reasons Coates Chose LearnFlex

  • Ability to brand the system with correct “look and feel” for Coates Hire Ease of Use
  • External hosting with SLA’s
  • Support of multiple communities – internal, external contractor and in-house RTO.
  • Configurable parameters across the system
  • Central administration ability
  • Strong reporting
  • Scaleability
  • Ability to host & record all learning & development activities (i.e. internal and external, all delivery methods)
  • Customer support and ability to work with them
  • Support of a web interface
  • Ability to provide employees with a repository to manage information that wasn’t necessarily related to learning and development.
  • Licences and qualifications that required renewal.
  • Integration with other systems (SharePoint, Oracle, MS Outlook)

"coateshireDuring our discovery session with B Online Learning we not only found a level of comfort that LearnFlex™ was going to tick the majority of our boxes but we were challenged to look at our own processes and think about how they could apply in an end to end LMS solution. It was the insight of B Online Learning’s Project Manager’s into what we’re trying to achieve that has always been an asset to us. B Online Learning were prepared to think out of the box to come up with a solution for us and to simply show us where we could bend and flex to use LearnFlex™ in the most efficient way.” Toby Naylor, Learning and Development Designer, Coates Hire.