B Online Learning understands that it is not enough to be able to deliver a major software application, but a successful contractor must be able to manage and deliver the entire process of setting up, implementing ans supporting the learning management system continually. Based on our experience, we understand that an effective learning management system supply and implementation process involves multiple stages that include planning, project management, business analysis, content development, graphic design, information and interactivity design, application programming services, and quality assurance processes.

Project Management

Effective project management is one of the most essential aspects of any successful project. Our Project Management team clearly understands the tasks and processes that need to be accomplished in order to successfully deploy your learning solution. Our certified Project Managers will work very closely with you and your stakeholders in order to ensure that a plan is created and executed that meets your timelines, budget and requirements. Our Project Management processes will ensure that your learning project is completed on time, minimising the risk and maximising the benefit to your organisation.


A clearly defined learning strategy is required in order for an organisation to be successful. This strategy needs to take into consideration the types of content and training being deployed, the learning styles of your audience and the measurable outcomes you need to track to say the least. Our consulting team can assist clients in delivering clear forms of training, producing various learning media (traditional, online, blended, online-moderate, webinar and informal), and in developing sound instructional design strategies. We will work with you to find the right methodology of delivery for competency or course based strategies. Our purpose is to understand your objectives and to work with you to ensure your learning solution is successful.

Customer Support

You get technical support services throughout the entire life of your LearnFlex™ application. The intent is to provide our customers with the quality software support and services that they need to successfully use and manage the application with access to authorised support during normal operating hours (9am - 5pm AEST), five days a week (excluding public holidays). Our Sydney based Software Support Analysts are available to help with remote assistance when problems are identified, support for routine installations and usage questions, support for software updates and upgrades, minor maintenance releases. A web-based knowledge base and support site is also available 24/7/365 in order to log and track support requests to the Support Centre.

Business Analysis

Technology is only half of your learning solution. In order to fulfill the other half you need to be able to clearly define your organisation’s learning objectives. Our business analysis team has extensive experience in eliciting your requirement and clearly understanding how your learning solution should be configured. The business analysis team will use a variety of predefined business questions for your stakeholders as well as industry experience to finalise a system setting document that will outline your goals and how your learning system will facilitate them.


Just like any software solution LearnFlex™ is constantly evolving and changing to meet the learning marketplace. B Online Learning, a Registered Training Organisation, provides a variety of ways for our clients to stay abreast of LearnFlex™ changes including self directed online training solutions, instructor led training and webinars. We also provide customised training that is specific to your business requirements and will ensure that you will be able to transfer knowledge and information and improve performance through our solutions.

Discovery Session

We understand there could be apprehension when investing in a new LMS. We encourage our clients to participate in a discovery session first with our Learning Solutions Director to explore in detail with the business stakeholders exact requirements. This confirms the functionality required and confirms any cost considerations fixed and upfront to ensure we meet your requirements. Any system that links structure, function and business process across multiple business areas, requires a detailed understanding of these elements if it is to function correctly and be a benefit to the business. At B Online Learning we have developed and refined a process for not only capturing and understanding the data and inputs that make an LMS work, we have also structured this process so that the client and all of their component areas, such as HR, IT and Marketing, attain an appreciation and knowledge of the LMS function in its entirety. This also gives these areas a view of where they fit into the wider picture whilst engendering cross divisional understanding and cooperation. This is the B Online Learning discovery session and it can work for any business and any LMS.


Contact us to discuss your requirements or watch this on demand webinar demonstrating LearnFlex LMS